Urban Explorers Love the Gates Building

The Gates building has a certain appeal to some people. Similar to those that seek out adventure rock climbing or searching for ghosts, urban explorers are drawn to the abandoned building. The building however, is closed to the public and has signs all around saying ‘No Trespassing’.  This doesn’t stop very many, neither does the likely possibility of getting arrested by the police officers that make regular rounds of the building.

There have been people that just will not heed the signs and find ways into the building. Unfortunately, for some people, this decision has either been fatal, or extremely close to it. In February 2011, there was a girl that fell through the roof and fell 45 feet to the floor; the fire department had to break in to get to her. She as well as the people she was with all were cited for trespassing. In 2007, there was a boy that went to go exploring and fell through an open elevator shaft.  Regrettably, he was not as fortunate as the girl and died a month later due to his injuries. In 2008, there was a lawsuit filed against developers and contractors charging them as liable for the boy’s death; even though he was trespassing and it clearly states that in multiple locations around the buildings. So why would the property owners be responsible for his death? Why would you have to make a building safe for trespassers? I think it’s more of an “enter at your own risk”.


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